Your Money

Ever ask yourself where has all My Money Gone? Well Money has two basic parts. Income and spending. Some people just don’t make enough well others spend way too much. Another group is stuck in-between with not thinking what they spend., then others over extend themselves using credit but you must tell yourself it is your Money will belong to someone else (Interest paid). Credit can be good if used sparingly and paid back asap. The key is to look deep into your spending bad habits even though you’re thinking it’s my money. But not handling it wisely because It’s your money till you spent it than it belongs to someone else.
1 How to manage your money
2 How to budget your money
3 Ways to earn extra money
4 Get out of Debt
5 Even Make money online

Cutting down everyday spending  can help keep mere of your money. Things like turning down the heat or AC.. Shutting off lights when not in use. When it comes to car expenses combining trips into one. Saves both fuel , wear and tear, plus time(which can’t be replaced).We all eat so watching what is spent on food can add up. The morning routine at the gas station might be costing a lot more over the course of a year. Say one spends $1.00 a day 5 days a week, that is $260 a year. think if your $5.00 a day bad habits comes to $1300.00. Then $10.00 a day a whopping $2600.00. This little exercise is to show how little things on a regular basis add up to much larger sums of money. So maybe spending $20 a day on the lottery which is $5200 by the way is a sure thing if you put it aside daily.Even I fight my self with this. While I out and about. Like any bad habit it takes will power and desire for something better.

So, one must learn how to budget your money. Only You can do it. Maybe just a few extra bucks might help: we got some ideas for you. Please sign up for our newsletter at the end of this video because we are always adding more things for YOU. Come on Back soon.