Ways To Save

No matter how frugal you are there always more ways to save. It doesn’t mean going without but buying more for less. A lot of wasted spending comes out of over indulgence with a sometimes larger price to pay such as health brought on by poor eating habits. It appears the day to day expenses of life add up quickly. quick example is buying cookies from Walmart at $3.98 for 10 or get a packet ,add a egg ,little butter with water or milk. Gaining 30 cookies with a estimated cost of Two dollars. But the trick here is not to enjoy them all in one sitting. Freeze a few for another day. Same theory with a Pizza..¬† Besides food there are many other ways to save including but not limited such things as Utilities , Transportation , Housing , Insurance , Health Care, Entertainment¬† plus many more.

Why do so many make fun of the frugal people. Seem so many finding so unique ways to save it can be almost comical. I seen someone reuse a tea bag for 3-4 cups of tea , taking longer and long after each reuse. Then we have the pesky type who will mooch a ride to work never pitching in for gasoline while having a car in the garage. I find this disgusting ,annoying plus rude. Buying things on sale (this decides our menu) Timing purchases in and out of season when possible. This comes down to want or need. Say the old outdoor furniture is functional but new would be nice. Buying it in the fall on clearance could save 50% or more. Lawn mowers , Christmas decorations , boat , snow shovel, almost any seasonal item. Shopping a store like Walmart who has  a Clarence aisle. Check often because one never when what goes.