The Difference Between Thieves , the Well To Do and You

Assuming “you” are a honest,Hard’ Working “Job” holding type of person. First be proud to be a part this group of people. But these three groups have unique ways of thinking. It has to do with long and short term gain and also what is known as “risk reward”.
A Thief is looking at only a very short term gain wanting paid right away as soon as possible or at least for the most part.
The working group for the most part still are considered A short term gain but with Long term things such as a steady income and possible retirement.
Then most rich people do things and apply their efforts for a long term gain. Here is a example (Not the best but a understandable one).A person buys a low priced house (cheaply).. Puts in some time and money to fix it up. say that person 10 weeks at 40 hours a week. They have 400 hours in the project. If a regular person makes $20 a hour they would have earned $8,000 in the same amount of time. Soon as it was done they rent it for $1000 a month. They will bring in $12,000 a year, $120,000 in 10 years and say they keep it for 20 years that would bring in $240,000.. All on that 400 hours of work. Plus since they own the “house” it can be sold hopefully what they have in it if not more. This is the difference in thinking. Now do this type of thinking 10 times or 20 or more.
The above example can be applied in other ways.. Maybe I should talk “risk reward”? I took a stock trading course and the two thing I learned about business money management and risk reward. Say you wanted to start a lawn care business so you want to “home Show” set up a booth and got a bunch of jobs. You didn’t even own a mower. Now you buy a $5000 mower. It is quick and a commercial grade. The risk is greatly reduced while the chances of making $5000 in the first month is good.
But just buying a mower could be a high risk without at least researching the lawn care market where you plan thrive. So just spending money is not a guaranteed way to a richer life. “Build It and They Will Come” is a great movie title but not so much in real life.