Bad Habits VS Good Habits

Secrets of Success

Ever wonder why some people do so well in life and other just seem to struggle no matter how hard they try? First the secrets of success aren’t as hard to figure out. Their are two things at play Bad Habits and Good Habits.. This applies to all parts of a persons life. How we spend our money. How we earn our money. In my life I observed two basic types when it comes to money management. 1 spending without thinking of the outcome.  2 Over spending then trying to make more money( this can work by maybe getting a second job) but the issue with that is if you don’t cut back on the outflow of money this idea is only a one shot deal. So the secret of success is summoned up in one word good habits instead of bad habits. This concept can be applied to all parts of your life. Just not financial but health, relationships, spiritual , and any other human needs we might have.

Lets talk money, First I seen families that make $30,000 a year live a better life than one making $60,000.. How can that be you say? It’s the difference between how the money is spent.. The family that has the 60 grand  Smokes , drinks, goes out to eat all the time, Buys fancy jeans and shoes, Has the top of the line cell phone, deluxe cable package but have a hard time paying their rent/utilities, and never puts on penny aside towards saving, On the other extreme the other one doesn’t smoke drink much if at all, eating out is a special occasion event a few times a year, Shops at thrift store or buys things when on sale, uses a antenna for TV, Shops around for the best cell phone deal they can find, Buys food by watching for good deals and coupons, while at the same time keeping their rent/mortgage  and utilities paid on time and somehow still is able to put a little bit into savings,  And if either get a few thousand dollar windfall (such as a income tax return) it will be treated much differently.  The 60 grand family will blow into the wind while the mindset  will save or think through the value of the purchase.

Here at Keep Me Off Welfare We want to help YOU be in a place you can fell like YOUR Living The Dream. S this Site is being Developed I plan to make it a place  for a mixture of Free and paid content.. A better way of life is possible just changing your view of the of money and ridding the Bad Habits and replacing them with Good Habits,,

Before I go one thought on bad Habits. I ran into a friend I haven’t seen in a while he was around 350 pounds.. When I seen he was just under 200 pounds. I ask how he did it. It ; he said it is all in making choices, Creating Good Habits.. Instead  fried chicken I eat baked, instead a high in fat dressing I use low/no fat one , Instead if ice and sweets I eat fruit and instead of seconds I eat one severing.. This concept can be applied to all parts of ones life.. Bad Habits vs Good Habits is where the battle with living the dream begins .