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Make It Happen

Finding success starts with a dream the should progress to making a plan then the last step is make it happen. Half the people get stuck in the dream phase for many different reasons. Fear of the unknown versus the security of a job no matter how low paying it is. Fear is a big factor on making life changes in general. Then a plan is made but the effort or lack of knowledge stops them right in their tracks. When it is time to make it happen or taking a defined action(s) it is sometimes frustrating when unforeseen things get in the way. I always remember what a read a while back most successful fail 5 or 6 time before success is gained. The key is to learn from failure sometimes refereed to as “the school of hard knocks” .  Plus people seem to get in a rut full of bad habits and refusing to budge a inch towards real change.  If transitioning for a “real job” to a “Dream Job” making the time to get the things done to achieve the goal set. To make it happen planning a bunch of baby steps to a much larger oasis.

Thinking Outside The Box

To start most people around you will tell you there is no way it can be done. It is said if there is a will there is a way. Then a big lie it takes money to make money. In reality what is needed is “Seed Money” which refers to a small amount of cash/credit to start a business. Didn’t Bill Gates start in a garage? Warner Brothers picked up scrap in a horse and wagon to buy a theater? The founders of Apple ? Wonder if any of these believed the big lie it takes money to make money?Some larger Lawn Care companies started with one little mower and grew to a six figure income. The key is when small reinvest back into yourself.