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Bad Habits VS Good Habits

Apply For Welfare

If your to the point of life that it is a must to apply for welfare it is probably a low point of your life. A lot of state limit benefits to 6 months and only a lifetime of two years ( Pretty sure someone from Pennsylvania gave me these numbers) which policies differ state to state. Many different reasons people turn to the government for help and with just cause. Lack of family support , bad habits such as addiction (drugs and/or alcohol) , Gambling , A relationship  that failed (maybe leaving you stuck raising children on your own0 , Maybe the separation was brought on by  a abusive relationship , loss of a job/income plus many reason that throw people into hard times. When things look hopeless the best way to make a change for the better is to look deep into your self. We all have bad habits  and good one too. Habits are what make and take us to the place we are. Like going to the gym they say “No Pain No Gain”. Let’s look at some of these issues and a few possible solutions.

Life as we know has many parts. I feel the secrets to success are changing bad habits to good ones. Living the dream? What is that really? Some want you to believe owning a jet plane, fancy car, a 30 plus room mansion is the cat’s meow.  But in the real world building real wealth is done one dollar at a time. But it also so much more it is about relationships too. I personally know a lot of elderly folks that have money but are lonely. So most people I talk to rate a relationship just as high as living comfortably. But if you are in a abusive relationship make a safe plan to get out. In turn it is OK to define the American Dream on your own terms. Safe place to live plus enough money to satisfy personal needs and wants and accumulate savings for emergencies and retirement. When one is younger looking 50 years ahead doesn’t seem that important but the day will come.

Here at Keep Me Off Welfare whether  you have to apply for welfare and feel living the dream is just out of reach your probably wrong. Eliminating bad habits from your life replacing them with good habits.  So once you define the American Dream to suit you the next step is to make a plan. I studied marketing on my own. I was surprised most of it is based on fear.. A Example is “buy while supplies last”  They might have 10 million of the “what not” but only sold 1/2 a million of them. People purchase because they are afraid they are going to miss out.. I can give many more examples such as this. So one thing people “FEAR” is failure. Did you know most successful people fail  5-6 times before having a successful business? The key here is to “Learn” from your mistakes. Practice makes perfect.

So here in Keep Me Off Welfare we have a section on Make It Happen. It some resources to help you make it happen. The part that started as a vision of living thee dream to then learning the secret of success to the last part finding the things you need to start a business. Whether you apply for  welfare or want to build real wealth Keep Me Off Welfare is the place to be. Much more to come please stop by often and sign up for our new letter.. Thank for Stopping By..